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7 Secrets to Preventing Back Pain During Spring Cleaning

Spring in South Tulsa

It’s springtime in Tulsa! What does that make you think of? Sipping lemonade on the patio? Taking the dog for an afternoon walk? Grilling steaks for dinner? Well, those things sound like fun, but what will happen when you step out on that patio or hit the front sidewalk? You’ll see what has been waiting for you all winter–work!

Nature never sleeps. As we all venture outdoors in spring, we see it’s not all daisies and marigolds. There are always projects that need to be done. You want to eat dinner on the patio. Then you realize you’ll need to move the patio furniture out of the shed. You might want to plan a garden. You’ll undoubtedly need to spread some soil, peat, and much as well.

Spine Care for Spring Cleaning

But all this extra activity can take a toll on your spine. First nice day off…you work like crazy and feel great. But the next morning you can hardly move! Why? Because while you may have been mentally ready for all that extra activity, you weren’t physically ready.

And the real trouble is that this kind of pain can last. You can actually do real damage. Your back is made up of a lot of moving parts. And a lot of those parts are very delicate. Especially when you overuse them.

The bending, lifting, reaching, and twisting involved in many “Spring Cleaning” activities are not necessarily dangerous. But they can be dangerous if your body is not properly prepared. So here are our 7 secrets to preventing back pain (& injury) during spring cleaning.

1. Stretch your muscles.

Your back and neck muscles are incredible. The amount of stress they can withstand is staggering! However, if those incredible muscles are cold, that could mean trouble. All muscles need to move gradually from an inactive to active state. That’s why your kids’ soccer coach has them all lined up on the ground out there before every practice. He’s not just killing time waiting for the last kid to get there! Muscles need to warm up!

Your back is no different. Before you start any project, stretch the muscles surrounding your spine. Work your way down from head to toe. Start with your neck, then shoulders, then back and legs. Yes, your spine is connected to all of that! Always stretch gently and move more slowly than you think you should.

2. Strengthen your back.

Of course, this is one you should start well ahead of time. Nonetheless, you need to start sometime. All of us use our backs more than we know. Even simple things like getting in and out of bed or reaching into the cabinets require back strength. So ask a trainer or health provider for a list of exercises to strengthen your back. Make sure they are appropriate for your age, physical condition, and activity level.

3. Bend your knees.

“Lift with your legs!” We’ve all heard it. And we’ve all probably reminded someone else of it, too! But do you actually do it? Well, here’s a simple way to remember.  Always start by bending your knees. Anytime you need to lift, keep your back upright. Spread your feet apart and bend those knees first! You’ll save yourself lots of pain and stiffness.

4. Call your friends

Don’t be a lone ranger. Many of the tasks we do during spring cleaning really should be done with a partner. Lifting is one easy example. But what about all those tasks you do on a ladder? You really should always have a spotter. Remember, a fall from even a few feet can do severe damage to your spine.

Besides, the work goes a lot faster when you have someone to talk to. And someone to bring you tools is helpful, too! Here’s a great idea. Swap Saturdays with a friend. This week, your house and you buy the drinks and pizza. Next week, their place and they buy.

5. Pace yourself.

Here’s a strange proverb that illustrates a true point. “You can eat an elephant a bite at a time.” Your spring projects may seem huge. So you may be tempted to set lofty goals. But be careful. Doing too much in a single day can cost you the next day. And working too long without a break is very dangerous.

Schedule several short breaks in your work. Or scatter the more physical jobs in between easier tasks. A great way to build in breaks is to make a list. Stop every time you finish an item. Sit down for a minute or two and re-evaluate. This can also make you much more efficient.

6. Know your limits.

Whatever your goals, make sure your health is at the top of the list. After all, how much can you accomplish from your bed? It’s normal to have some discomfort or soreness. Especially after you’ve worked a while. But if you have sharp or sudden pain, stop! This could be a sign of an acute injury. Our pain responses are there to protect us. Listen to your body.

If you think something is wrong, call your Chiropractor for an exam. They can tell you whether you have injured yourself. If it’s just a strain, they can help you know how to treat yourself. In the meantime, go ahead and use ice, rest, and anti-inflammatory medications if you like.

7. See your Chiropractor regularly

Start now. We recommend regular visits to your Chiropractic specialist throughout the year. Every member of the family can benefit from regular spinal check-ups. After all, the spine is the center of our bodies. Spinal health is an often overlooked key to general health and well-being.

At Travis Chiropractic in South Tulsa, we specialize not only in treating back pain but preventing it! Our goal is to help all our patients live pain-free as much as is possible! The best way to accomplish that is through regular visits, exams, and adjustments when needed.

Don’t wait until you’ve injured yourself. Don’t wait for your quality of life to be diminished. We don’t want to see you in pain at all! Call us today and let us set up a plan for your ongoing health. Through gentle, holistic chiropractic care, you can maintain a healthy back, neck, and spine year-round! And a healthy spine means a healthy body!

Back Pain Treatment in South Tulsa

If you are experiencing back or neck pain and your quality of life is already suffering, please call us today at (918) 224 2225. Your first exam and consultation are always free! We will diagnose the root of your pain. Then we will work with you to set up a treatment plan specifically for your health and well-being.

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