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How to Choose the Best Chiropractor

Here at Tulsa Family Chiropractic, we believe our clinic director is the best chiropractor in Tulsa!  Read below to discover a list of three main characteristics that describe the best chiropractor in Tulsa. 

Good Reviews

The best chiropractor in Tulsa will have the best reviews. An easy way to acquire insight as to how a chiropractor operates their business, and how they care for their patients, is to look into what other people have to say about them. These are unbiased opinions that portray the quality of the chiropractor’s care. Along with referrals and recommendations, reviews are a simple means of finding out how many people view a chiropractor’s practice as competent and trustworthy. Chances are if many people have similar opinions, then the chiropractor’s services are probably reliable. If you live in Tulsa, you can easily tell how much Dr. Heath Travis maintains a wonderful rapport with his patients by seeing the positive responses his clients share in their reviews and ratings. Click here to read through a few of his amazing reviews.


Experience is a very important factor in choosing the right chiropractor for you. Take some time to do your research and learn about the background of your potential chiropractor. The more experience a chiropractor has in chiropractic care, the better your results will probably be. The best chiropractor in Tulsa has ample time and experience to go off of in order to provide quality care. Avoid being tweaked or adjusted the wrong way, and ensure that your chiropractor has clocked some hours in the field and has a satisfactory amount of hands-on experience.  The best chiropractor in Tulsa will be able to share his experience with you.  The best chiropractors and answer any questions you might have about his particular specialties and areas of expertise.


Licensure is very important when it comes to deciding who your chiropractor will be.  A thorough education is necessary to become a great chiropractor.  In each of the fifty United States, along with the District of Columbia, a chiropractor is required to complete a doctor of chiropractic degree, in addition to receiving an undergraduate degree. This can take four or five years, and sometimes longer. Students will learn a variety of different elements and undergo training that covers topics such as nutrition and anatomy.  So select a chiropractor that takes pride in their completed education and is able to show you their credentials. Dr. Heath Travis has obtained a Doctorate of Chiropractic, along with a Bachelor’s degree in both Marketing and Science.  You can click here to view his website.

We hope these tips help you decide for yourself who your next chiropractor will be.

These are some of the many reasons why we think Dr. Heath Travis is the best chiropractor in Tulsa.

Travis Chiropractic offers excellent care.  Click here to contact his office and ask about his new client special!

Best Chiropractor in Tulsa

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