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Give the Gift of Health This Year–Top Ten Tips

The gift that lasts a lifetime

We all want to give meaningful and lasting gifts around the holidays. What if you could give your family a gift that would last a lifetime? You can, by giving the gift of health. Here are our top 10 tips to give the gift of health this year.

Choose gifts that encourage healthy choices. Consider items or services that get people moving, or that facilitate a healthy lifestyle. Harvard Health Publishing suggests five great ways, and we’ve added five of our own especially for your family.

Selecting healthy gifts

According to Dr. Clare Safran-Norton, a physical therapist at Harvard-affiliated Brigham and Women’s Hospital, “The gift should be easy to use. Consider the receiver’s interests, and accommodate previous injuries, surgeries, medical conditions, or functional limitations.” With that in mind, the five suggestions they published in the Harvard Health Letter are:

1. Services

Gym memberships can be pricey, but family memberships are often the best deal. Find a place your whole family can enjoy. Check out less traditional services like rock-climbing gyms or martial arts as well. The important thing is to find somewhere everyone will want to keep going.

2. Gadgets

Fitbits are nearly as common as cell phones now and for good reason. Wearable health monitoring is a great way to stay encouraged to be healthy. Apple watches and other brands are continually advancing and making this a great investment in our families’ health.

3. Workout equipment

Maybe a home gym is just the ticket for your family. You can build it over time or all in one chunk, depending on your budget. Make sure you have equipment that’s easy to use for every member of the family.

4. Classes

Depending on who you’re buying for, maybe the best way to help someone stay active is a class. Dance, martial arts, a spin class, or yoga are all great ideas. Or maybe you want to take a healthy cooking class as a family. Use your imagination and try different things, just keep at it!

5. Information

Find a magazine or newsletter that encourages healthy lifestyles. Information is readily available online, but things that come to your email or mailbox are often more likely to be read.

Five more for your family

Now we think Harvard people are really smart, but we think these last five are pretty good ideas as well. In these last five, we’re thinking specifically about your whole family. As usual, we’re all about keeping healthy families healthy!

6. Gift card packs for fun family activities

Put together a year-round pack of active family night gift cards. This is an investment, but it’s money you’re going to spend anyway, and this way you won’t be tempted to just go to the movies every week. Try things like rock-climbing, bowling, indoor golf, or even ax-throwing–yes, that’s a thing–and it’s quite a work-out!

7. Plan an active vacation

Instead of flying somewhere and sitting on the beach, consider an active road trip. Stop along the way for hiking, biking, camping, etc. You’ll probably find you’re more refreshed after an active vacation than any you’ve taken before.

8. Plan to run a race as a family

Whether you’re runners or not, you can participate in many regional races as a family. Most offer fun runs or walks on race day. Train together as a family and enter at appropriate levels. Set goals for the next race or the next year.

9. Make a family health pact

This can be a great family activity, and it doesn’t have to cost a thing! In fact, it may be the most valuable gift you ever give. The idea is to make specific, attainable goals for maintaining or improving your health and combine them with healthy lifestyle commitments. You may want to include a section for each individual and a section for the whole family. Print it out, make it look “official,” and have everyone sign it.

Once it’s complete, frame it and display it in your home. Note: your list may be long, and there may be items you’d rather not display publicly. In that case, just print out a certificate for everyone to sign and display that instead.

10. Make regular visits to your family Chiropractor

As we say often, the spine is at the center of your body, and at the center of your health as well. Your nervous system monitors and affects every part of your body. So take care of your family’s health this year by making appointments for every member of the family at least twice per year. You’ll be glad you did!

Keeping healthy families healthy

At Travis Chiropractic in Tulsa, we are committed to your family’s total health. Please call us at918-224-2225 today for a free consultation or to set up regular checkups. Happy Holidays!


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