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The administration of chiropractic treatment for an infant may seem like an extreme step that is sometimes seen as a procedure reserved exclusively for adults. If you are considering paying a visit to a Jenks chiropractor and indulge in chiropractic care for your infant, we’d like to explain why it is actually one of the best things you could do for your baby.

Discover the benefits of chiropractic care for babies

Similar to adults, various illnesses and disabilities can trouble the life of an infant. It is highly recommended to visit a doctor for the treatment of these issues, but Jenks chiropractor Dr. Heath Travis has his own special way of working to help your baby’s body heal and correct itself naturally.

1. Reduce the pain caused by an ear infection

Ear infections can unfortunately be very common in a baby’s early stages of life. Often times, antibiotics are prescribed to ward off an infection.  A chiropractor will administer specific care to the bones inside of or around the ear. By doing this, fluids are able to drain.  This relieves pressure and lowers pain levels for your little one.

2. Enhance your child’s physical development

A baby’s spine is shaped like the letter “C” in the womb and at birth.  As they grow, secondary curves called Lordotic curves begin to appear. These curves continue developing until growing stops.  The shape of these curved plays a major roll in carrying out various functions. Your local Jenks chiropractor can aid in the development of your infant’s spine so that it grows the way it was intended to.

3. Calm your baby’s temperament

Every parent faces the difficult moment when it seems that nothing can soothe their crying baby. When everything has been checked, fed, and changed, it might be time to turn to a professional. However, if you’ve already tried that and a medical checkup failed to solve the problem then schedule a visit at a Jenks chiropractor’s office. A chiropractic session can work wonders in releasing hidden tension in your baby’s body.

4. Recover from birth trauma

The process of birth can be an incredibly traumatic event for both mother and child. Whether your baby was born naturally or via a caesarean section, he or she will need additional support to recover properly. A visit with a Jenks chiropractor can assure that the mother’s and baby’s spines are aligned correctly.  This will help the two of you get a better night’s rest and ensure that your child is off to a healthy start in life.

Jenks Chiropractor, Dr. Heath Travis, is passionate about empowering families with top-of-the-line chiropractic care .

Don’t settle for anything less than the highest quality of care for you and your family.  These are just a few of the many reasons why a Jenks chiropractor can help your baby reduce pain, recover through sicknesses, sleep more peacefully and soundly and thrive by living a wholly healthy life.  Click here to visit the Tulsa Family Chiropractic website.

Jenks chiropractor
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