Absolutely The Best

“Absolutely the Best!! I’ve worked for several chiropractors of various modalities using different methods as well as having begun going to chiropractors as a child (I’m now 50) and I have received more relief from Dr. Travis than I have EVER experienced from ANY other doctor. In addition, Dr. Travis’ staff treats me like “family” and is the most friendly, caring & accommodating of any I’ve ever met. Dr. Travis is more concerned about my well-being than any doctor I’ve ever been to and is so willing to work with his patients, like me, who have no insurance so that I can receive the treatment I need, whenever I need it, without having to be concerned ’bout the cost; a true healer in every sense of the word and absolutely pain-free in the process. I thank GOD for him daily.”

No Job Too Small

“Dr. Travis is the doctor for me!!! My whole body hurt when I started seeing Dr. Travis. I have been seeing him for almost two years and have never felt better. He is one of those rare doctors that actually listens to what I have to say! He then adjusts me and takes care of all my little quirks–like my wrists. No job is too small. The staff is wonderful and always makes me feel welcome–like the times I don’t have an appointment–I show up and they adjust me! Thank you, Dr. Travis. You’re the best!”

Dr. Travis Is More Than Knowlageable

“Best chiropractor hands down. Dr. Travis and his wonderful staff have provided a healing atmosphere for myself and my family for almost 6 years now. We send everyone we know to the one we trust will take care of them, and without fail, Dr. Travis always does. From minor injuries to car accidents, Dr. Travis is more than knowledgeable on how to treat his “patients”, who really are treated more like family. If you want a professional, affordable, kind, and healing chiropractic experience, then this is where you need to be. How ever far you need to travel, it’s worth it for your mind and body to receive the best care. Thank you Dr. Travis for all that you do!!!!”

Unbelievable Progress

“Due to a car accident years ago, my back was more than pretty messed up. In far shorter an amount of time than I had thought possible, Dr. Travis accomplished an incredible amount of progress! It’s almost unbelievable how far he’s brought me! Also, he and his staff are always friendly and great to be around! My only complaint is with myself…in that I didn’t start going sooner!”

Best Chiropractor

“Dr. Travis is the BEST Chiropractor that I have ever been to, not to mention his lovely office staff. I was suffering migraines for several years due to an auto accident that had left me with severe whiplash. Since I have been going to Travis Chiropractic my headaches are gone!! I am also able to do things I thought I would never be able to do again because of my agonizing neck pain. I am so thankful that someone referred me to this office. It has made an enormous impact on my life and my future.”

Waste No Time

“Everyone is very friendly and they make you feel at home. Dr. Travis is very professional and cares about your well-being. I have been very pleased with the entire staff. Dr. Travis wastes no time on gimmicks and I am normally in and out in about 15 minutes.”

Actually Fix Problems

“I am a pharmacist and I see first hand how pain medications only cover up underlying problems. Dr. Travis uses chiropractic care to actually fix problems and take away pain. With regular chiropractic care I have been able to manage headaches without medications and even maintain a comfortable pregnancy. Thank you, Dr. Travis!!!”

Very Friendly

“Very Friendly!!! Dr. Travis is a great Chiropractor and really cares about you and your well being. I tell everyone about this office when they tell me they have back problems. My husband had really bad back problems and now he has almost none at all.”