Tulsa No-Insurance Chiropractor

When faced with health problems of any kind, the last question you want to ask yourself is, “How am I going to pay for this?” It only becomes more stressful if you, like millions of other Americans, do not have health insurance. Costs add up quickly, and it is important to know what you are getting into before the costs pile up to insurmountable levels.


Travis Chiropractic is a Tulsa no-insurance chiropractor dedicated to relieving a patient’s pains and ailments and addressing the causes and educating the patient on the state of their health. They believe that whether or not a patient has insurance should not influence the care they offer. With free consultations and new patient specials, Travis Chiropractic is devoted to doing everything they can to offer affordable, accessible care to those that truly need it, regardless of their financial situation or healthcare coverage.  


Free consultations ensure a patient can be seen and assessed, without the risk of receiving unnecessary care, only to have to pay for it later. These consultations allow time for you to get to know Travis Chiropractic and together determine if the services they have to offer will aid in your journey to a better and overall healthier lifestyle. Dr. Heath Travis’ goal is to provide his patients with the education and knowledge they need to maintain and continue a healthy lifestyle that lasts well beyond their chiropractic appointments.


Many people are unfamiliar with the true nature of a chiropractor’s work. While chiropractic work is most often associated with back adjustments, this is only a small portion of the wide array of services a chiropractor offers a patient. From vertigo treatments to help with ADHD, the grander scope of a chiropractor’s focus includes more services than one might expect. The end goal is to relieve the patient’s pain and set them on a healthy course for life.


Regardless of if you carry health insurance or not, the question is not “can I afford chiropractic care,” but rather a question of whether you can afford not to have chiropractic care. A step toward chiropractic care with Travis Chiropractic could be a step toward a better life for you and your family. Dr. Heath Travis is committed to making sure you know your care options and how his chiropractic services could benefit your overall mental and physical health.


From minor injuries to car accidents and everything in between, you will be shocked what a drive to Travis Chiropractic can help with. If lack of insurance has you unsure of your options, be sure to reach out to Travis Chiropractic for a transparent discussion about what services they can provide to you and what it will cost you. The professionals at Travis Chiropractic treat everyone as an individual and work to provide all the necessary information to put your mind at ease and quickly get you on the road to better health.