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Ten Steps for Making Family New Year’s Resolutions

2019 is just around the corner. Though we often think about personal New Year’s resolutions during this time, what about family ones? One of the best ways to grow together as a family is to set goals together and the New Year is all about setting those goals. So here are some great ideas for family New Year’s resolutions.

Why family resolutions?

Family resolutions may take a little more effort, but the reward is worth it. Setting goals as a family can help encourage communication, build community, and get us all moving in the same direction. In addition, goals set with others are more likely to be reached.

How to make family resolutions

1. Call a family meeting

Find a time when everyone can get together. With today’s busy family schedule, this may be difficult. Even around the holidays when we may have a little time off, things can get hectic. Just remind everyone how important this it and make it a priority.

2. Order in

Do not cook a meal for this meeting unless that’s the only way you can get everyone home. Ideally, you want a couple of hours or more to make the meeting productive. Having to stop and clean up can cause extra stress. Order pizza, Chinese, or sandwiches and make it easy on yourself.

3. Set rules for discussion

In a family, just like in any organization, there are pitfalls in group discussion. Here are some good ground rules to help avoid some of them.

  • One person speaks at a time.
  • Allow every person a chance to speak if they want.
  • Listen to everyone sincerely and respectfully.
  • Briefly repeat or summarize others’ ideas to make sure everyone is understood.
  • Encourage honesty with kindness (disagree with an idea, but do not criticize a person.)

4. Remember the best

Have everyone make a list of their top 5 (or top 3 for larger groups) favorite things about your family. Not only does this get things started on the positive; it also gives you clues as to what you do well together. Read them aloud, celebrating each one and talking about why they are favorites.

5. Gather the vision

Now have everyone make a list of their top 3 things they’d like to see repeated this year. Again, these are things you do well, or that have been successful in the past. Yes, kids will say fun activities, but those are great resolutions, too. Older kids and adults can be responsible for more serious ideas.

6. Pick a “fix”

Finally, allow each person to say one thing they’d like to see change about their family this year. This can be an enlightening conversation. It may even be tough, but this is one of the greatest values of this process, so listen carefully! Discuss each one and talk about how you can work together to accomplish it.

7. Make the resolutions

You probably have a list of ideas by now, so look at each one and decide which ones you would like to take on as a family. This is where you really want to control the number of “big” resolutions to avoid goal overload. However, with some planning, your family can achieve lots of little resolutions and feel very successful.

8. Break them down into steps

Resolutions are just goals. To reach a goal, you have to take steps towards that goal, so this is where the work comes in. This also may take time beyond the initial meeting. You may want to assign each resolution to a different family member to break down.

9. Assign key people

Each family member probably has a resolution they are particularly interested in seeing met. Assign each resolution to one or more members of the family as a key person. Make them responsible to help remind the rest of the family about keeping that resolution. This helps spread the burden around.

10. Finalize and publish your list

Once all the details are worked out, put your list together and post it in a prominent place. You can also publish your list using a goal-setting app. Lifewire.com has a list of their top 5 goal-tracking apps here. For many families, an app can be a great way to keep everyone on track and be successful.

Have a Happy New Year!

You may set one or several New Year’s resolutions for you and your family. Whether you use our method or adapt your own, we hope you’ll take time to get your family together to plan and dream. We at Travis Chiropractic in South Tulsa and Bixby truly wish you the happiest and healthiest year ever in 2019!

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