Recovery Chiropractor

When you have faced an injury of any kind, there is no telling how long it will be before you are back up and running and performing at your optimum level. It could be days, weeks, months, or even years before you can face the day without a painful reminder of your injury. This can all be avoided if you take the chiropractic route toward faster recovery. With chiropractic intervention, Dr. Heath Travis and the team of professionals at Travis Chiropractic can help you achieve a quicker and healthier recovery from various injuries.


Just like pain, many injuries tend to be invisible. This can make finding the root cause of your suffering difficult. Because of this, many people suffer unnecessarily for months or even years, leading to them missing out on parts of their life. This is why a chiropractic approach to recovery can be so practical for many injuries. Chiropractic addresses the root causes of issues rather than just slapping a bandaid on the surface. This means of recovery is a much more effective and sustainable way to help a person feel their best and stay that way for the long term.


Whether you are facing symptoms connected to a sports-related injury, a car accident, or even a minor workplace incident, the staff at Travis Chiropractic specializes in you and your specific situation. Through free consultations, they can get to know you and your situation before you even spend a penny. This can be very helpful for finding out the best-specified approach for each patient, giving you the confidence you need to make decisions in a frustrating time.


Injuries of all kinds can result in many unexpected side effects that often seem entirely separate from the injury itself. Often, patients experience lasting headaches, reduced range of motion, and nerve damage due to injuries. When left untreated, these symptoms can worsen over time and lead to further complications as the patient ages. For this reason, healthy recovery from injuries, both big and small, is of immediate importance.


Chiropractic recovery is effective because of the methods in which chiropractors approach injuries and health in general. Rather than masking pain or finding temporary solutions, the goal of chiropractic recovery is to get the patient feeling their best and staying their best. This can look like changes in a patient’s diet, exercise routine, and physical adjustments made to the body to take pressure off of joints, muscles, and nerves. Because of this approach, chiropractic recovery may lead to relief that lasts longer than that offered by other means of injury recovery.


A call to the trusted number-one Tulsa recovery chiropractor is a giant step toward quicker, long-lasting recovery from any injuries you and your family face. Take advantage of a free consultation today and see what Dr. Heath Travis and the staff at Travis Chiropractic can do to get you back up and running for years to come.