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Whiplash can be one of the most uncomfortable and damaging injuries one can experience.  A Tulsa whiplash chiropractor can help you recover from this injury.

What is whiplash?

When someone experiences whiplash, they have experienced an injury to their neck.  This neck injury directly occurs during the process of a forceful and rapid back-and-forth motion of the neck. This motion can be similarly related to the movement that happens when a whip is cracked. Whiplash can be a fatal injury in some cases and at the same time, a mild injury in other cases.  Whiplash damages the soft tissues inside of the neck and is sometimes called a “neck strain” or a “neck sprain”. This injury is in most cases extremely painful and uncomfortable.

Whiplash can many times happen during an automobile accident.  When the car is struck from behind, a knocking motion can cause whiplash to the passengers in the car.  Whiplash can also occur during regular sports-related activities.  Sometimes, whiplash is inflicted on a person during a conflict of physical abuse or fighting. If you have suffered from a whiplash injury, no matter how it happened, a Tulsa whiplash chiropractor can help you heal and recover.

What does a Tulsa whiplash chiropractor do?

A Tulsa whiplash chiropractor has the knowledge and experience to directly treat your whiplash injury.  A Tulsa whiplash chiropractor has received the education and training required to help you recover from the whiplash injury you have suffered from without causing any further damage to the bones and joints in your neck.

Your Tulsa whiplash chiropractor will probably request further imaging of your neck in the form of an x-ray.  This helps your Tulsa whiplash chiropractor see more detail in your injury to offer a more effective treatment.  Sometimes, in more serious cases, a CT-scan or MRI imaging may be additionally requested.

Once your Tulsa whiplash chiropractor has all of the information he or she needs to effectively treat your whiplash injury, they will then administer traditional chiropractic techniques.  These techniques may include spinal manipulation, muscular stretches, and neck adjustments.

What are some at-home treatments for whiplash?

It is possible that a Tulsa whiplash chiropractor has a waiting list for new patients.  Or maybe, your busy schedule or tight budget won’t allow for a visit to a Tulsa whiplash chiropractor right away.  If this is the case, it is still best to visit your local Tulsa whiplash chiropractor as soon as you are able to in order to begin treatment.  In the meantime, here are a few things you can do at home to better prepare for your Tulsa whiplash chiropractor visit:

  • Ice

You can apply ice to your neck to reduce the swelling and pain from a whiplash injury.  It is best to use this method as soon as possible after your injury.

  • Medicine

Over-the-counter pain relievers can be extremely effective to reduce the pain of a whiplash injury.  You can seek a stronger medication from your doctor if necessary.

  • Massage

A neck massage can also help relieve pain and relax the muscles surrounding the injury in your neck.

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