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Who Is Tulsa’s Best Back Pain Chiropractor?

Travis Chiropractic Is Tulsa’s Best Back Pain Chiropractor

Back pain is one of the leading medical searches on Google. Everyone deals with back pain in some form or another thought their lives. It is usually caused by poor posture and movement at your occupation.

There are a few simple ways to combat back pain and beat it for good. Those ways are minding your posture, Mckenzie stretches and repeated visits to Tulsa’s Best Back Pain Chiropractor, Travis Chiropractic.

Mind Your Posture

Many of the issues you face in your back are caused by poor posture. Back pain is usually associated with the spine and the muscles surrounding it. Poor posture can cause your spine to compress in ways it was never meant to and cause discomfort and pain, even to the point of pinching nerves, sending pain signals into other parts of your body. Tulsa’s #1 Back Pain Chiropractor, Travis Chiropractic, can help you find out the cause of your back pain as well as find ways to prevent it in the future. If you are sitting at a desk all day, your spine may be compressing and pinching nerves. To combat this, simply remind yourself to sit up straight and push your chest out. This is the easiest way to beat back pain.

Mckenzie Stretches

A physical therapist from New Zealand named Robin McKenzie found that lower back pain was connected to compression of the lower spine. He developed a system of stretches and exercises to help decompress the lower spine and relieve back pain and sciatica. The first place to start is lying on your stomach and relaxing your body. Your whole body compresses a few inches throughout the day from your own weight and movement, so lying down prone on the floor literally “takes the pressure off.” From there, a series of stretches that take some inspiration from yoga and other physical therapy exercises extend the muscles in your lower back to release the tension built up throughout your day. If you are interested in these stretches, ask Tulsa’s #1 Back Pain Chiropractor for more information.

Seeing Your Chiropractor

Tulsa premier back pain chiropractorIf the back pain persists even though you’ve taken steps to prevent it through better posture and McKenzie stretches, there may be something more serious that you need help from a healthcare professional to fix. The experts at Tulsa’s #1 Back Pain Chiropractor will be able to assist you in finding the cause of the pain and treating the cause to beat back pain for good. After the first session, you will notice a difference, but by the third or fourth session, your back pain will be almost nonexistent.

Why just live with back pain when you can beat it for good? Travis Chiropractic, Tulsa’s #1 Back Pain Chiropractor, is ready and waiting to help you in every way possible to get your back, back into place. Beat back pain for good with our team at Travis Chiropractic.  We are trusted professionals who can help you safely relieve back pain and get you back to your full potential.

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