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Travis Chiropractic Is Tulsa’s Best Injury Chiropractor

Many jobs have monotonous, repetitive movements involved. These motions are usually harmless, as they do not involve high physical strain. However, these movements done over extended periods can cause injury to joints, nerves, and tendons, restricting your ability to perform these movements.

There are numerous repeated movement injuries, but the most common are Carpal Tunnel, Tendonitis, and Bursitis. These injuries are very painful and must be treated by a doctor. Tulsa’s #1 Injury Chiropractor, Travis Chiropractic, is here to assist you in treating and dealing with any of these injuries from repeated movements.

Carpal Tunnel

The most common injury from repetitive movement is Carpal Tunnel. It is caused by repeated flexing of the hand and wrist. The pain experienced is caused by pressure being applied to a nerve traveling through the wrist. Early stages of carpal tunnel, indicated by numbness and discomfort, are treatable through stretching or wearing a wrist brace, but if the condition worsens, surgery may be required to alleviate the pain and pressure in your wrist. If you are experiencing any numbness in your hands, ask Tulsa’s Best Injury Chiropractor to help you take steps to fix your carpal tunnel.


Injury Chiropractor in TulsaWhen doing repetitive movements, tendons that are wrapped along joints can get irritated and inflamed. This inflammation and irritation is called Tendonitis. The pain associated with tendonitis is more of a dull ache that becomes increasingly more noticeable when using the affected limb. This type of repetitive strain injury is mostly associated with high-intensity sports. Some common names for tendonitis are jumper’s knee, tennis elbow, and swimmer’s shoulder. This pain is manageable, but you should not ignore it. if you are experiencing the symptoms of tendonitis, ask Tulsa’s #1 Injury Chiropractor about steps to take to mend your tendons.


Bursitis is a repetitive movement injury that affects the build filled sacs in your joints, causing them to inflame and putting unwanted pressure on your joints. The affected joint becomes less mobile and the pain associated can be excruciating, and even debilitating. There are some things you can do to alleviate the pain and swelling. Usually, the way to combat this injury is to rest the affected joint, but in some cases, the damage is too great and more serious attention is necessary. Tulsa’s #1 Injury Chiropractor, Travis Chiropractic, can help you deal with bursitis at any stage. We can determine if your joint pain is caused by bursitis, tendonitis, or some other cause.


In most cases, these injuries are easily managed through rest. If a repetitive motion is causing you pain, just simply changing the motion or taking a break can fix the issue. If rest does not solve the problem, Tulsa’s #1 Injury Chiropractor is ready to help you take steps to treat your repetitive movement injury. Contact us to schedule a consultation and find out exactly what the problem is as well as find a treatment that will get you back to working or competing in sports with no pain to hinder your performance.

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